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  • The Heath

    The Heath is a large green situated in the centre of Horsmonden The Heath also known as The Green is in the centre of Horsmonden. Many activities happen here including Horsmonden Farmers’ Market and the Gypsy Horse Fair.
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  • Broadford Mills

    Cloth and cereal mills at Broadford Henry VIII owned two cloth mills at Broadford. A cereal mill was located near to Broadford on the River Teise. Sources The Mills Archive  
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  • Furnace Mill

    A mill for metal working Quite likely to be referring to the mill at Horsmonden Furnace as we know there was boring mill run by a Harrison operates at the site in 1744. Sources The Mills Archive
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  • Hayle Farm Mill

    Evidence of a watermill at Hayle Farm If you know what kind of mill was here and where it was located please let us know. There is a river to the south of the property which seems the likely source of power. It passes by Pullens then feeds Elphicks Fisheries and on to the River […]
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  • Rams Hill Mill

    An overshot mill for cereal milling We know of the existence of this overshot mill in Mill Lane, Rams Hill. Mill lane is a track on the right after Haymans Hill when heading to Yalding. That’s all we know. Learn more: Overshot mills A vertically-mounted water wheel that is rotated by falling water striking paddles, […]
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  • Brenchley Road Horsmonden

    Brenchley Road

    Main road into Horsmonden from Brenchley From Shirrenden and on into the village, Brenchley Road is the main route to Brenchley, Matfield and Tunbridge Wells finishing at The Heath.
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  • Capel Cross Horsmonden

    Capel Cross

    An old part of Horsmonden Capel Cross is located at the junction of Grovehusrt Road and Goudhurst Road in the eastern part of the Parish. Its is possibly named after an ancient church location.
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  • Swigs Hole Farm

    Swigs Hole Farm

    Farm located off the Maidstone Road Swigs Hole Farm is located centrally in the parish. It has a Public Footpath passing through it as well as a fine bridge of the Hawkhurst Branchline forming an entrance to the farm. There are several businesses located on the farm.
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  • Share Farm Horsmonden

    Share Farm

    Site of a medieval fortified manor house by the Teise Share Farm is located on the banks of the River Teise and once was the location of a fortified manor house. There is a visible earthwork which can be viewed from the public footpath.
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  • Capel Manor House

    New Capel Manor House

    A state of the art house built on the site of the old Capel Manor The New Capel Manor House (1970): Architecture Secretary to (Sir) Edward Heath wanted, with his wife, a small modern labour-saving house. The house Manser built for them, Capel Manor House, was spectacularly sited and axially arranged upon the raised, arcaded […]
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  • River Teise

    River Teise

    Our Eastern border and a tributary of the River Medway The River Teise is a tributary of the River Medway, flowing from its spring sources in Dunorlan Park, Tunbridge Wells in the High Weald, to join the Medway at Yalding in the Low Weald. It flows eastwards through past Bayham Abbey on to Lamberhurst where […]
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  • Place Names

    A compilation of place names for expansion If you can help with these places by supplying information, please feel free to do so by filling in the contact form. Ash Farm Ashdown Wood August Pitts Badmonden Bassetts Farm Bassett’s Farm Baybrooks Cottages Beech Holme Bennetts Farm Blackberry Barn Black Pits Wood Brainden Brambles Farm & […]
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  • Station Oast Horsmonden

    Station Oast

    Four Square Kiln Oast Houses on Goudhurst Road Station Oast gets it name from the fact that the Paddock Wood to Hawkhurst railway once ran behind the building, hence the name. The facade of the stowage is now weatherboarded where originally it was brick. Now fully converted into four private dwellings.
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  • Westenhanger Horsmonden


    An early 16th Century Wealden Hall House Along Maidstone Road lies a fine example of an early 16th Century timber framed Wealden Hall House, quite likely once a pair of houses, with an adjacent oast house. All the original exterior woodwork of the house is well preserved, including the Tudor doorways. Wealden Hall Houses were […]
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  • Manchester House Horsmonden

    Manchester House

    An 18th Century weavers house The 18th Century house fronting the village green, currently the home of the hairdressers and used to serve as the Post Office, was once known as Manchester House. This was a house where Kentish Broad Cloth was woven, with the name indicating where the cloth was sent.
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  • Lewes Heath

    An area of Horsmonden Lewes Heath is located in the south of the Parish, and as its name suggests, is elevated with commanding views over the surrounding countryside.
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  • Rectory Park Horsmonden

    Rectory Park

    The former residence of Horsmonden’s clergy In 1724, the Rev William Hassell, then Rector of Horsmonden, carried out extensive alterations and improvements to the original 15th Century house. Interestingly the front is ornamented by a castellated façade built straight across between the tops of the gable roofs. The house later became the seat of the […]
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  • shirrenden horsmonden ian dalgliesh


    House in parklands close to Furnace Pond A large Georgian house set in park lands on the Brenchley Road. Good views from the public footpath through the park land from the Brenchley Road to Furnace Pond. Parking on Brenchley Road next to the side entrance to Sprivers or at Furnace Pond. Photo: Ian Dalgliesh
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  • Gibbet Lane Horsmonden

    Gibbet Lane

    A reminder of a grisly past In common with other Wealden villages, 18th century Horsmonden was in smuggling country and, being on the road to Tonbridge, would have also been haunt of highwaymen. The most notorious smugglers of that time were the Hawkhurst Gang who were active in the area. William Fairall, after whom the […]
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  • Grovehurst


    An old Clothmaster’s Hall partly Tudor Located along Grovehurst Lane is Grovehurst, which was used as a residence, office and warehouse when Kentish Broadcloth Link was being made here. Francis Austen purchased Grovehurst in the 17th Century from descendants of the first rector Henry de Grofhurst, who took his surname from it. The original house […]
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  • Broadford Horsmonden


    An old Clothmaster’s Hall Broadford is an old Clothmaster’s Hall, part of which is 15th century. The timber framework has been covered in rough cast and the windows altered. Broadford is quite different style to the other timbered buildings of similar date around Horsmonden. Broadford was once the property of John Austen, a forebear of […]
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  • Sprivers Postcard


    National Trust owned property with a small 18th-century style formal garden with walled and hedged compartments, herbaceous borders and a rose garden. Available to visitors a few times a year. The nearby woodland walks are available throughout the year. Sprivers takes its name from the early owner Robert Sprivers in 1447 and was one of […]
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  • furnace pond horsmonden

    Furnace Pond

    The now tranquil surroundings of Furnace Pond belie its history as a major gun foundry The head of water from this 16 acre lake once powered the giant hammer of John Browne’s forge, the flames of which could be seen about the country at 10 miles distance. John Browne’s forge was one of the major […]
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  • Sprivers Garden

    Garden at Sprivers House owned by the National Trust Sprivers House is a National Trust property which is not available for public viewing but the gardens are a few days a year. There is an eighteenth-century small formal garden and walled and hedged compartments, herbaceous borders and a rose garden. The nearby woodland walk is […]
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  • scott's tower

    Scott’s Tower

    An unusual tower folly Scott’s Tower was an unusual tower folly which used to stand in the tower field to the south west of the top of the hill in Spelmonden Road. We don’t have that much information about it apart from a passage we found… A handsome tower, erected in 1856, in honour of […]
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  • Bramble Street Chapel

    Bramble Street Chapel The Reverend Robert Burr established a non-conformist chapel at Bramble Street, which is located on the outskirts of the village on the Maidstone Road towards Yalding He started the ministry in a local mission house before persuading a farmer to donate the land to build the chapel on. (more…)
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  • Capel Manor Horsmonden

    Capel Manor

    Former home of the Austen’s The main Austen residence had always been at Broadford until Capel Manor was built in 1860 by John Francis Austen. Capel Manor is an Italianate mansion house and located on land opposite Broadford accross the Goudhurst Road. The mansion site also had stables, gardens and two gatehouses. The Army used […]
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  • all saints rc horsmonden

    All Saints Church

    Now a domestic dwelling Built and consecrated in 1870 by the Rev. Hugh Forbes Smith-Marriott, a one time rector of Horsmonden, and intended to be a ‘chapel of ease’ to serve the northern end of the parish and unlicensed for marriages. Due to the fact that financing two churches was difficult and transport became easier, […]
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  • Horsmonden Place Names

    Place names in Horsmonden for search purposes. Ashdown Wood Badmonden Baybrooks Beech Holme Bennetts Farm Black Pits Wood Brainden Brambles Farm & Place Brick Kiln Shaw Broad Ford Brook Shaw Cacketts Cacketts Wood Calves Lodge Wood Capel Manor Capel Cross Castlemaine Churn Lane & Siding Coalbank Wood Cockhouse Crouches Farm East Wood Eel Pie Wood […]
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