Lambert Steam Engines

Steam engines owned by William Lambert and his son Christopher between c1875 and 1955, the date of the famous Chris Lambert steam engine auction. These Include General Purpose, Road Rollers and Portable Engines and were used for haulage, ploughing, road making, threshing, mill work and transport.

The Traction Engine Register of 2020* shows there are 50 engines still in existence that have been restored by their owners or are in preservation in various museums and are listed below. (* The register is updated every 4 years)

PLEASE NOTE: An ongoing project by Horsmonden History Research Group is to seek and add information and photographs about the history of each engine.

Further information and photos may be found by clicking on the engines above or highlighted below.

ManufacturerEngine No.Reg. No.Date of Manu.NameLocation
Allchin3251NU 74837/1925Royal ChesterTaunton
Aveling & Porter4561KE 37756/1900JimmyMarch
Aveling & Porter8097FX 701411/1913Moby DickNew Milton
Aveling & Porter8653KE 64559/1915Jo-AnnLiphook
Aveling & Porter8753MKP 1372/1917Silver StreakKilkenny
Aveling & Porter9010AP 92355/1919Aveling & Porter 4561, KE 3775, 6/1900, JimmyThursford Museum
Aveling & Porter9036BP 60658/1919UnnamedThursford Museum
Aveling & Porter9081KN 578512/1919JoanneBury, Lancs.
Aveling & Porter9149KE 22027/1920UnnamedThursford Museum
Aveling & Porter9170KN 93526/1920ShamrockBrentwood, Essex
Aveling & Porter10448HR 744611/1992JackieSwindon
Aveling & Porter11423KM 22292/1926SmokeyChristchurch
Aveling & Porter11918YT 45317/1927UnnamedThursford Museum
Aveling & Porter11997KO 67391/1928Lucy MayHeathfield
Aveling & Porter12186PK 26848/1928Annie LaurieThursford Museum
Aveling & Porter14181TL 44277/1935CameronianBeith
Burrell2342E 538012/1900VanguardPreston, Kent
Burrell2819BP 59135/1906ValidusBanff
(link to Lambert tbc)
3201BP59195/1910AchillesReepham, Norfolk
Burrell3657KE 26514/1915Morning GloryRushden
Burrell3941BP 95471/1923The BadgerBromsgrove
Burrell4081RT 510412/1928FearlessThursford
Clayton & Shuttleworth46823KE 41736/1914DustyWickford
Davey Paxman19412KE 270010/1916DrumtochtyPreston, Kent
Davey Paxman19413KE 270110/1916The EngineerHinckley
Foden9052SN 1607-/1920Rob RoyAberdeen
Foden12370TT 86597/1926Perseverance
(Island Chief ?)
Foster13036FE 10795/1913Pride of EssexMaldon
Foster14066FE 15894/1915Endeavour?Boston
Foster14568NT 718410/1925MatildaStroud
Fowler11637HK 98438/1909WinifredManchester
Fowler14925YKJ 3819/1917WindrushNaas
Fowler15467AD 92003/1920Sir DouglasWitham, Essex
Fowler15629U 72909/1920John Fowler
(The Tiger)
Fowler15902KR 87283/1923JessicaBirmingham
Garrett33180BJ 44837/1919The Suffolk Punch/The JokerLeiston
Garrett33705BJ 478812/1919Pendle PrincessTo Japan 1976
Garrett33981KE 712411/1920Garrett 33981Warwick
Garrett34461PM 47953/1924VictoriaSalisbury
Garrett35461MI 20106/1931Rob Roy / BoolavogueEnnisworthy
Marshall53176KE 468111/1909BoadiceaAltrincham
Marshall Q73040BL 217912/1920Marshall QHaslemere
Marshall74399NR 1804/1921UnnamedIpswich
Marshall84562KP 69695/1929HenryUckfield
Ransome Sims & Jeffries207602891 UR12/1908JubileeCostock, Notts
Ransome Sims & Jeffries441264/19434/1943WinifredBoarstall, Bucks
Robey42216FE 66721/1925"57" JeannieTring
Sentinel8393DX 904812/1930HMS SultanGosport
Tasker1666AA56397/1915One of Kitchener’s BoysWatlington, Oxon
Wallis & Steevens7449KM 90349/1915Portway PufferAndover
Wallis & Steevens
(Tbc if ex Lambert engine)
7539BE 93602/1917MidnightMansfield
Wallis & Steevens7601BE 39101/1918Edward VIIWinchester
Wallis & Steevens7740HO 645110/1925SamLymington