The history of farming in Horsmonden

This section covers agricultural matters in Hormonden’s history.

Horsmonden Farms

  • Ash
  • Ashdown
  • August Pitts
  • Bainden
  • Brambles
  • Cackets
  • Capel Cross
  • Castlemaine
  • Church
  • Churn
  • Cottage
  • Crouches
  • Bassetts (Goudhurst Road)
  • Bassetts (Maidstone Road)
  • Bennets
  • Elphicks
  • Evergood
  • Grovehurst
  • Gun
  • Hayle Farm – Horsmonden’s only remaining operational hop farm
  • Hayman’s Hill
  • Hazel Street
  • Highlands
  • Kirkins
  • Lampkyns
  • Lewes Heath Orchards
  • Mount Easy
  • Nevergood
  • Northiam
  • Park
  • Poplar
  • Pullens
  • Rams Hill
  • Rectory
  • Remingtons
  • Ruck
  • School House
  • Share
  • Spelmonden
  • Spring
  • Stiles
  • Swiggs Hole
  • Thompsetts
  • Yew Tree

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  • Remingtons

    A hop farm off Lamberhurst Road Text here.
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  • Hop picking today in Horsmonden

    Drying Hops Hop Picking in Horsmonden during the 50s, 60s and 70s through to the present day Many Horsmonden families will have spent some time hand picking hops. As well as local pickers there would be hundreds of families from London’s East End taking their annual holiday to go “Hoppin’ in Kent”. Thousands of men […]
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  • Kirkins Farm Horsmonden 2008

    Kirkins Farm

    A fruit farm We are currently working on this and will publish pages soon. Under Construction.
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  • Hop Pickers Horsmonden

    Hop Picking

    Gathering in the hop harvest in September Every September when the hops were ready to be picked, farmers would write to workers – usually women and children who didn’t have permanent jobs, in Kent, London, Sussex and East Anglia. They were invited to come down to Horsmonden and Kent, stay in huts on the farm […]
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  • Horsmonden Sheep Fair

    Horsmonden Sheep Fair

    The fair used to be held on the Sports Ground every July Horsmonden Sheep Fair was an annual event held on the sports field for the sale of sheep. The foot-and-mouth crisis which began on 21st February 2001 effectively stopped it in 2001 and it sadly never re-opened. We’d like to gather some information about […]
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  • Fuggle Hops

    Fuggles Hops

    Famous hop first found growing in Horsmonden The Fuggle was first propagated in Kent by Mr. Richard Fuggle of Brenchley in 1875, the plant having first been noticed in about 1861, growing in Horsmonden. The Fuggle is said to have originated from a seed which was thrown out with some crumbs from a hop picking […]
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  • Hop Garden


    Kentish hops For a time hops were the most important crop in the village, giving employment to villagers and hundreds of migrant hop pickers alike South Londoner’s used to take their annual working holidays to Kent and Horsmonden in particular. Since the 15th century, hops have been grown in the Weald of Kent and in […]
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