World War II

The Second World War in Horsmonden

This category covers any related WWII history in the village.

  • Horsmonden Wartime Evacuees

    Wartime Evacuees

    Horsmonden hosted many wartime evacuees from London and other urban areas We encourage people to send in their memories of this particularly interesting time. Some correspondence so far… “During the war in 1939 I was evacuated to Horsmonden along with hundreds of other kids from London. Do you get any enquiries as to whereabouts of […]
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  • Battle of Britain Hurrican Tactic

    Battle of Britain

    Major air battle which took place over Horsmonden This page aims to gather recollections of the Battle of Britain from the local perspective. Memories from a Hopping Holiday We were a family who spent late Summer Holidays hop picking so soon after returning to London in 1940 we went to Thompsetts Farm in Horsmonden. Here […]
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  • V-1 Flying Bomb

    V-1 flying bombs

    The terror weapon of the Germans in Second World War Horsmonden had at least on V-1 Fying Bomb or ‘Doodlebug’ land in the village and many must have flown over. In 1944, one of them landed in north east side of St. Margaret’s churchyard destroying all the stained windows on that side. The technically it […]
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  • B-17 Flying Fortress

    Flying Fortress down at August Pitts

    A B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber returning from Frankfurt crash landed at August Pitts in 1944 A series of incidents brought a USAAF B-17 Flying Fortress crashing down in Horsmonden. Here is some information about the Flying Fortress and some background information about the mission. Over 8,000 men and women served in the 303rd Bombardment Group […]
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  • wartime evacuees

    Wartime Evacuees

    Early in September 1939 the British government began to evacuate children from London, vulnerable cities and towns to rural areas for safety They were billeted in homes of volunteers for the duration of the Second World War. They were educated with local children, although entire schools were evacuated with their teachers too, and classes kept […]
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  • doodlebug

    Half a Second over Horsmonden

    Half a Second over Horsmonden FightingV-1 Flying Bombs in the Second World War In wartime the difference between life and death can be half a second in time, the difference between becoming another statistic or living another day. In this story fate delivers life. It is 10.30pm on Monday 3rd July 1944 (about a month […]
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  • Robert Roland Stanford Tuck

    Robert Roland Stanford Tuck Ace Pilot Tuck baled out with an injury over Horsmonden in 1940 Wing Commander Roland Robert Stanford Tuck DSO, DFC and Two Bars, AFC (1 July 1916 – 5 May 1987) was a British fighter pilot and test pilot. Tuck joined the RAF in 1935. Tuck first engaged in combat during […]
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