Davey Paxman 19412, KE 2700, 10/1916, Drumtochty

Davey Paxman 19412, KE 2700, 10/1916, Drumtochty

In October 1916 Davey Paxman & Co Ltd., Standard Ironworks, Colchester, Essex produced engine works no 19412, registration KE 2700, type TE, S cyl, 10-ton engine with a HP7, now known as Drumdochty.

Currently located in Preston, Kent* (Traction Engine Register 2020*)

Drumtochty was owned by Robbie Jardine of Offham, Kent, from 1971 until being acquired by Michael List Brain in 2008 for his Steam Museum at Preston, near Canterbury.

The engine is said to have been very tidy in the 1960s and 1970s. When seen at the Sellinge rally, near Folkestone, Kent in 2000, No 19412 was reported to be in very original condition. Although the firebox had been repaired and many of the stays replaced, one commentator remarked that, at the time, it could best be described as a “working engine”. Another knowledgeable source has said that because of wear on some moving parts, the engine has been relatively noisy in recent times. Perhaps not surprising after more than ninety years!

This engine was delivered new to the War Department. It is possible they were originally ordered by another customer and then requisitioned because of the war. By 1921 they were both owned by Wingham Engineering Co Ltd of Wingham, Kent. No 19412 appears to have spent virtually the whole of its life in Kent. From the records it appears 19412 was one the last two traction engines built by Paxman.

History Courtesy of Davey Paxman Steam Traction Engines

Make: Davey Paxman
Engine No: 19412
Regn No: KE 2700
Date: 10/1916 
Name: Drumtochty

Type: TE
Class: n/a
Cyls: S
HP: 7
Weight: 10 tons