Garrett 35461, MI 2010, 6/1931, Boolavogue

Garrett 35461, MI 2010, 6/1931, Boolavogue

In June 1931 Richard Garrett & Sons Ltd of Leiston, Suffolk produced engine works no. 35461, registration OU 9309, type TE, single cyl engine with a HP6 known as Rob Roy.

The photo shown is of Rob Roy, taken by ‘Steam Scenes’ in June 2002 at the Sellinge Special Show
The engine whilst in the UK carried the registration OU 9309 but was re-registered as MI 2010 and renamed Boolavogue.

Currently located in Ennisworthy, Ireland*
Allan Duke records held by the Road Locomotive Society show this engine was built 1931, 6hp, TE1S OU 9309 ex G Ewen of Petersfield and sold 1954 to WS Roberts:
The Road Locomotive Society (
Photos courtesy Steam Traction Engine Pictures and Information – Steam Scenes

Make: Garrett
Engine No: 35461
Regn No: MI 2010
Date: 6/1931
Name: Rob Roy but renamed Boolavogue

Type: TE
Class: n/a
Cyls: S
HP: 6
Weight: n/a