Horsmonden Station Model

A scale model of Horsmonden Station

Railway modeller Bill Adlington has adopted a model of Horsmonden Station and that was started/researched in the late 1950’s and is part finished. Bill intends to finish off the job and would like some help with some of the details.

hawkhurst branchline model

Horsmonden approach from Goudhurst

This is the ‘Horsmonden approach from Goudhurst’ baseboard and has some omissions, so images and info would be useful…

  1. I’m assuming both road over bridges cross roads? [No, only one over Goudhurst Road]
  2. What sort of terrain surrounded the line here?
  3. An image of the building at the rear of the board would be handy, thanks – do you know if it is a farm house? [It’s the Station Masters House and still exists]
hawkhurst branch model horsmonden station

Horsmonden Station

This is the ‘Horsmonden station’ baseboard and has some obvious omissions, so images here would be useful…

  1. The goods yard and dock area
  2. The station building from the roadside
  3. The fruit packing warehouse and loading dock – who owned this and what was it named? [We think it is Bassetts Farm]
hawkhurst branch model

Horsmonden approach from Paddock Wood

This is the ‘Horsmonden approach from Paddock Wood’ baseboard and has some obvious omissions so images here would be useful…

  1. the cut-out in the embankment suggest a signal box or lineside building
  2. the three circles I assume are oast houses – are they in the right place or is this a bit of ‘modellers licence’? [They exist!]
  3. the line exits through what I assume is Horsmonden tunnel – more modellers licence maybe! [That would be Back Lane Bridge with a bit of modellers licence in terms of distance from the station!]

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