Horsmonden Farmhouse in 1910

Horsmonden Farmhouse in 1910

Found in the 1910 book Vanishing England, by P. H. Ditchfield, Illustrated by Fred Roe

It states "Horsmonden, Kent, near Lamberhurst, is beautifully situated among well-wooded scenery, and the farm-house shown in the illustration is a good example of the pleasant dwellings to be found therein.". Have a look at the illustration and see if you recognise it.

The preface states "This book is intended not to raise fears but to record facts. We wish to describe with pen and pencil those features of England which are gradually disappearing, and to preserve the memory of them. It may be said that we have begun our quest too late; that so much has already vanished that it is hardly worth while to record what is left." Has it gone? Let us know.


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Methuen & Co. Ltd., 36 Essex Street W.C. London in 1910