1623 Saker Terschelling The Netherlands

Lost with the warship Amsterdam and likely saw service in Ireland

1623 Saker Terschelling The Netherlands
1623 Saker from the warship Amsterdam

Niko Brinck’s observations

Another Horsmonden cannon in the Wreckmuseum of Terschelling, NL. It was cast in 1623 by John Browne as his initials I B are near the touch hole. It is an iron saker, probably cast for land-use in Ireland as it shows a small club on the first reinforce. The gun was found by the divers of the island in a wreck of an Amsterdam warship and the gun shows the arms of this Admiralty.


Type: Saker
Gunfounder: John Browne
Cast: circa 1623
Material: Cast-iron
Calibre: n/a
Weight: n/a
Shot: n/a
Dimensions: n/a
Distinctive markings: Crossed anchors of the Admiralty of Amsterdam
Current Location: Wrakkenmuseum, Terschelling, The Netherlands
Photos: Nico Brinck

Wrakkenmuseum map

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