1590 Gun at Fort of Santa Catarina, Brazil

Thomas Johnson gun located on the ramparts of Fort of Santa Catrarina in Brazil by Christopher Sellars in July 2022

1590 thomas johnson gun fort santa catarina brazil

Late in December of 2020, whilst on a scooter trip in the State of Paraíba in the North-East of Brazil, Christopher Sellars visited the Fort of Santa Catarina in Cabedelo. The majority of the 24 pieces of artillery leaning on the battlements were English. Two more guns are in the inner yard, one lying on the ground, the other mounted on a carriage. One gun particularly caught his attention due to the ‘Rose & Crown’ insignia cast on the reforce. Photographs were taken and posted on social media, where experts in the field helped to identify the ancient pieces and lead Christopher to our quest to find the guns of Horsmonden. Read the full article below.


Type: Demi-Culverin
Cast: 1590
Founder: Thomas Johnson of Horsmonden
Material: Cast Iron
Weight: 33-3-0 (33 cwt 3 qr 0 lbs) = 3,780 lbs (1,715kg)
Shot: 8 pounds [approx.]
Distinctive markings: Rose & Crown straddled by the letters E and R in the casting. T I initials.
Discovered/Identified: Christopher Sellars July 2022
Current Location: Fort of Santa Catarina, Brazil

Button end to muzzle face: 3,250mm
Base ring to muzzle face: 3,000mm
Trunnion to base ring: 1,280mm
Trunnion width: 560mm
Bore diameter: 125mm

Video of Fort of Santa Catarina


Submitted PDF article by Christopher Sellars