Gypsy Horse Fair

horsmonden gypsy horse fair

A famous annual event in September

Our famous Horsmonden Gypsy Horse takes place the second Sunday in September every year. The event sees a large gathering of horses on the Green with a number of side stalls.

You can wander round the bustling Green full of Horses, Horse Boxes and Horse Transporters and see horse trading and buy traditional Gypsy goods.

You can watch the Gypsy Horse and Traps trotting around as well as Gypsy bare back riding cantering up and down the street.

The event usually gets going in the morning and winds up late afternoon.

The event has been steeped in controversy for a number of years as any Google search will reveal.

Please note that this is not an exclusive Gypsy event and visitors are welcome.


The origins of the Gypsy Horse Fair are not certain, some believe it has been around for around 400 years, some say it was originally a Hoppers Fair. The Gypsy Horse Fair was banned in 2000 with a five mile exclusion zone with a large Police presence. Eventually the Gypsy Horse Fair was reinstated after negotiations with the local authorities.

Useful Links

The Gypsy Cob Association (TGCA)

Photos below by Ghirone

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